how can i help you
you're so far away
my money is useless
like a fine summer's day

tomorrow always comes
it's not for me to say
the future is something
we all give away

i saw you wasting
slipping away
a shadow of someone
a name on a grave

now you are sleeping
for forty days
where will you end up
when you come awake

motor cars and aeroplanes
will ease your way to me
i couldn't save you
i couldn't help

you've left i'm quite alone
i am waiting
for your coming
and the person you'll become
we'll meet someday
and then we'll laugh
at how the world began
until that day
i'll dream of you
i'll dream for both us
do be looking
i am waiting
going my separate way

 p   o   e   m   s 

 r   o   a   m