jesus does his nails

i have so much to be thankful for
i don't know who to thank first
so many blessings have been coming my way
ever since i turned the other cheek

i am an uncanny resemblance to
thoughtless indifference
but i assure you perpetual solitude
is a very very sweet fruit

god is fear of being alone
with the only judge who will listen
society is tyranny
not to be overthrown just ignored

always a payback written down in the book
of who's who in the blues
a matter of soul belonging to someone
a shallow broker laying a bet

step right up collect your debt
let me see your face and hear your claim
don't be muttering ingratitude
i'm your humble servant with no regrets

that's the way it's supposed to go down
someone above you stinking of power and money
doing you the big favor
that'll change your life

all my life has been a gift horse
and i its only rider
spawned and reared to name my soul
i've come to call it higher

winning is easy
easy winning is surrender
waiting until
someone comes to call your name

twist your mind backwards and confuse
who gave you what and what is due
the popular notion of popular chance
settles everything with a little song and dance

 p   o   e   m   s 

 r   o   a   m