mindlessly perfect

welcome stranger thoughts
into a realm
mindlessly perfect

help trembling tissue spark
undressed avenues
of deciduous portents

tune out the elementary patter of
poet, priestess
parasitic, scientific

manipulate your credit organs
cost effectively

burn you mental references
on pyres of self-esteem

excuse the class-minded jailbirds
who butter toast for better vantage
at the nightmare tea party

annoy the warpaint monolith
obliging fealty
to fascist paths to glory

let love speak for itself
in tongues unrecorded

let love be itself
far from the audience

generate cross-hair dedications
to skid marks born in a good year

rewind the hocus pocus program
that kicked off at your birth

mindlessly perfect
mindlessly perfect.

 p   o   e   m   s 

 r   o   a   m